Asset Wealth Preservation
Asset Wealth Preservation

Bloodline Planning

Your children / grandchildren's future inheritance can be at risk from a number of issues.


Taxation can deplete your estate but other issues such as care costs, probate fees or court of protection fees can also have a large impact on what you leave behind.


Your family homes may have to be sold, and your income and investments drained seriously reducing any subsequent inheritance.


Family circumstances can also be a concern. It may be that there are some family members you would wish to benefit and some that you wouldn’t. A classic scenario would be an individual who has married into the family but you wouldn’t want to benefit from your estate.


Furthermore, family disputes do occur and divorce and and / or remarriage can greatly influence who inherits and by how much. Subsequently, if on inheriting monies, an individual then divorces that same inheritance is at risk.


if an individual inherits assets but then is later subject to bankruptcy proceedings, or has creditors liabilities, then the whole inheritance could be at risk.


The correct Trusts can provide the protection and control of your assets from these risks, including the family home, investments and the Family Businesses.


Asset Planning In Preparation For Death.


At Asset Wealth Preservation we utilise a range of trusts in conjunction with the Will, which will ensure that your hard earned assets are fully protected for your children and grandchildren. 


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