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Funeral Wishes

If your making a Will, it also makes sense to think about your funeral preferences.

Many people put their funeral wishes in their Will. This can be helpful to those left behnd, but quite often a Will is not read until after funeral. Also not everyone is aware that funeral preferences set out in a Will are not binding upon executors - they do not have carry out your wishes.


Money set aside for a funeral does not have to be spent on the funeral. Although your executors have a duty to carry out the funeral, they are not obliged to spend any money you may have saved for that purpose.


Funeral expenses are a first debt upon your estate, but settling your estate may take some time, and the funeral director will expect to be paid long before your executors are in a position to pay.


A deposit in a bank or a building society is simply money - it does not guarantee what type of funeral will be provided and it may not be enough when the time comes. On the other hand, you may even set aside more than you need to.


If you are concerned about specific arrangements such as burial or cremation,religious (or non-religious) preferences, choice of music or donations to a favourite charity in lieu of flowers, remember that executors are under no obligation to carry out your wishes. Families usually want to do the right thing, but it can be difficult when there is doubt about what their relative would have wanted.


All these difficulties can be overcome with a Guaranteed Funeral Plan.


You can have peace of mind and ensure that your wishes are carried out


Your family will have none of the financial worries that funeral arrangements bring - they will know exactly what you wanted and that the funeral director's services have been paid in advance.


Funeral costs are just as likely to rise in the future as anything else, but a funeral plan, once purchased, guarantees that the funeral director's costs will be met, however far into the future they my be required.


A plan can be purchased by a once-only payment (the most popular option) or by monthly instalments over a fixed period. Once it's paid for you never need to worry about it again.

We are able to give impartial advice with regard the plans which are available form the Society of Will Writers, Golden Leaves, Co-operative Funeralcare, Forbes, Dignity and others and help you draw up your funeral wishes.
We have full details of all the plans, prices and options and will be happy to discuss them with you without any obligation.


















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