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Asset Wealth Preservation

Home Protection - your biggest asset

For most people the main asset they own is the family home and they wish to ensure that the whole of the value of the property is left to their loved ones. Unfortunately there are two major threats to you achieving your wishes:-


The first is local authority care home fees should you or your partner need to go into care. With 75% of the population likely to have a brush with the Care System, the likelihood is that you will be affected. For example 4 years in a care home costing £800 per week will cost £166,400 so it is easy to see how this could quickly deplete your estate.


The second threat is a death and remarriage scenerario where the surviving spouse or partner remarries and then predeceases the new spouse leaving everything to the new spouse and effectively disinheriting their own children and/or loved ones.


By carefully planning your estate and writing the correct Wills you can avoid these potential pitfalls, ensure your children/loved ones inherit what is rightfully theirs, whilst at the same time retaining control and protecting each other. A win-win situation!


We have four options to help you protect your home. One to suit everyone's budget. See tab options for each solution. 

























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