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Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you were injured and became incapacitated as a result or you became seriously ill, who would look after your financial and health welfares?


Many people think that their spouse, son or daughter could automatically do so, and it often comes as a shock when they discover that they cannot. These things become more self-evident when somebody loses their mental ability (e.g. Alzheimer's, dementia, brain injury etc.).This is not the time for loved ones to discover that they have little or no power to take care of your financial affairs. If you lose mental capacity through accident or illness, things can become very stressful and difficult for loved ones:


  • Your bank accounts can be frozen (even joint accounts)
  • Other savings and investments can be difficult to access and manage.
  • Unpaid bills could start to pile up simply because nobody has the legal authority to act on your behalf.
  • It can become very trying for loved ones to look after any of your day-to-day finances if your signature or other ID is required.


If you lose mental capacity, there is a requirement for the Office of Public Guardian to be informed. This involves a costly and demanding process so that somebody can be appointed on your behalf. The person appointed may NOT be the same person that you would have.


There is a better way that puts you in control. You can appoint a person/people NOW that you trust to act in the future either with you, or for you when you can't.


We will be pleased to guide you through the process of creating effective LPAs to protect your family.


Don't delay this important decision. Many people leave it too late. It is only possible to make this appointment whilst you still enjoy excellent mental health.


The cost for a single Lasting Power of Attorney is £150 (£250 registered)  couple with 2 LPAS is £300 (395 registered)  including vat.This does not include registration fee at the Office of Public Guardian of £110 per LPA if income over £12,000 (under £12,000 £55; if receiving benefits exempt).


For further details of registration fees and exemptions for Lasting Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney at the Office of Public Guardian see 'Registration fees & exemptions' in our 'useful information' tab on the home page or contact us to evaluate on 01691 652233


























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