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Personal Injury Trusts

As the name suggests, a Personal Injury Trust is a trust into which personal injury compensation is placed. Technically, it is a 'settlor interested trust'. This  means that the individual, who has received compensation/damages from a personal injury claim, settles them into trust for their own benefit and that of their family.


This is done, not with tax planning in mind, but to protect the money from means testing, so that state benefits continue to be paid without taking the lump sum into account, which would otherwise disentitle them.


One key feature of the personal injury trust is that is that it will need a professional trustee, or specialist advisers to advise the trustees in order to ensure that the trust fund is not taken into account in means testing. The trustees should ensure that the trust assets are not used for everyday living expenses. Even if the individual does not get means tested benefits right now they may wish to protect the compensation from the growing cost of long term care. This is a big concern for many individuals and can be avoided by using Personal Injury Trusts.


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